let it be

So after I great conversation today I’ve been thinking, shouldn’t we all allow ourselves the freedom of enjoying the intent behind something, rather than digging into the what ifs, and the what will others think of it? someone told a friend of mine that he was wrong for disagreeing with the BSA’s decision and that “they” the GLAAD would remind the BSA how wrong they have been for not allowing Gay scout masters, yet.

Ok, so let me get this straight you don’t have children (the individual that blasted my friend) male or female to even offer the choice of Boy or Girl Scouts, but you want to attack the organization  for their lack of support for your agenda.

[ note: i do not believe homosexuality is a choice, nor do i care, several of my family is gay, i love them regardless, but their agenda’s or your’s is not my or the rest of the world’s problem]

SHUT THE HELL UP! Is not the meaning behind being a scout, boy or girl, more important than you and your organization pushing hard enough to cave a cornerstone of  American culture, to prove a point?

let them go build camp fires with pink lighters and sing Ricky marten songs for all i care, but let them have the choice and opportunity to go into the woods and learn something of the outdoors, and traditions of being a responsible and driven young man who understands the success for naming goals and reaching them.

i just don’t understand why we can’t live and let live, and not lose site of the why we are here in the first place, to live as the golden rule suggest.

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