a blast from the past…in color

Español: Restaurant Chipottle Mexican Grill in...

Español: Restaurant Chipottle Mexican Grill in Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So last Friday night i was able to take my wife and daughter to Malco-Summer-drive in, down in Memphis. My wife having grown up north of New York City had never seen one except on tv re-runs of Grease and my little one had no idea what a drive in.  As a kid i grew up in South-western Kansas, miles and miles of nothing but  wheat fields and sunsets. The closest movie theater, drive in, or Sonic was still 26 miles away, only after we moved into town, until that point the treat of getting to see a movie at all was very rare, we just lived to far away.

Try to compute to “far away” in your world of excess and accessibility  today. Today in your world as it does in mine I imagine it to mean a high traffic time of day making the current object of desire just” to far away”.

The screen at an old Drive-In Movie Theater on...

The screen at an old Drive-In Movie Theater on Route 66 near Sapulpa, Oklahoma. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For me as a kid, “to far away” meant, my closest neighbor was more than five miles away,” to far away” meant the closest theater from our plains farm-house(complete with functional and necessary windmill) was 45 to 60 minutes, if we didn’t see a cop, or the cows weren’t out, or the witch wasn’t trying to get us….. No really, we drove two hours to see Star Wars, so the 45 minutes to see a drive-in movie, was a welcome relief.

To this day  the memories of hanging out with your friends in the back of a truck, drinking beer, watching a movie in a time when there was no pressure are still some of the great ones. I know I’ll never be able to express to my daughters the joy of growing up in a county of 5000(that might be stretching it) people, nor how great it was to not have a mall, or Chipotle, or even a McDonald’s, but to hunt and fish and actually talk to people, because we wanted to, not because there were no cell phones.

That said I wasn’t going to miss the chance to show this part of my growing up to my daughter.

It was A great night with the rain storms and bad weather we had been being hammered by taking a break and holding off until after the movie was over, the opportunity was upon us. For some reason I thought we would be the only truck there, so we left a little later than we should have and the line was ridiculous, but with four screens  our view was pretty good, the windshield was clean, momma didn’t want to sit in the back of the truck or on lawn chairs, and the truck radio to provide the sound just wasn’t as cool as hanging a little speaker inside on the window, but in all it was a success, the food was much more affordable than a regular theater, and 15 bucks for three people is a good deal at any theater, my daughter was grateful, and still talking about it 2 days later, so maybe all my childhood memories aren’t all bad, and I am very grateful for the chance to share it with her.–j

The house i grew up in.

The house i grew up in.


One comment on “a blast from the past…in color

  1. Daddy says:

    Awesome, I miss the drive in on a nice Summer night…ours were in of all places Garden Grove Ca…I remember actually seeing Star wars there with my Mother…and the size of that first Imperial cruiser filling in the whole top of the Giant screen was sheer summer movie magic…even from 6 car rows back…that little speaker crackling away!!!

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