hard to raise girls..

(4/365) :: Golf Thursdays

(4/365) :: Golf Thursdays (Photo credit: chispita_666)

This morning after waiting an hour for mrs.lazy-britches, we headed out so dad could get a round of Golf  in for practice for an upcoming tournament, mom could get some rest and  she-wh0-is-terminally-bored could sigh like a teenager and try not to get her eyes stuck in the back of her head as i tried to talk to her in public.

A golf ball directly before the hole

What a great surprise it was that after all of the ” i don’t want to gos” and “i’m scareds” i heard last night that by 0835, we were on our way to Eagle Haven Golf Course, unfortunately for us there was a tournament going on and the course was full. But like i said, i needed the practice, and mom needed to rest, after having to deal with my hippopotamus-like snoring from catching some short-term version of the Ebola virus and SARS  combined while on a three-day trip to San Diego earlier this week.

Since the course was full we stopped and picked up some water, coffee, and a bag of donuts then headed to another course about 20 minutes down the road. Paid our green fees and away we went. I have to say i haven’t been playing like I should or as often, but sis set there with her kindle and tried to act like she wasn’t interested until i pulled the lumber and rocked one. The distinct swish, tink of a well hit golf ball snapped her head up higher than a new cupcake store at the mall and she was hooked. “when can i play?”, “can I putt”,”‘what’s par?” “why are those people so slow in front of us?” and the best one of the day.. “can i drive the golf cart?” ………….why yes you can!

Really, whats to lose? Not my cart, not my trees, not on a racetrack and it was early enough we weren’t drinking yet, no I’m kidding we didn’t drink at all, anyways here’s the gas, here’s the brake, follow the path.

she did great, and learned by the end of 18 to follow the ball with her eyes, although her gradual braking left something to be desired for someone who turns 10 next Tuesday, I was able to focus on hole and  position, she on driving and we talked, for 4 hours.

English: Golfing in Ontario golf course, Oregon.

Boys, school, books, mom, it was a great four hours, and i have to tell you, with her there on the course with me, it all seemed balanced and I played my best round in a long time, plus found some shots i forgot i had, and may well have made a new golfer.

As i took off my golf shoes, she looked at my truck and said, “wait a minute, you mean all you have is gas and brake in your truck? well if that’s all there is to it, then I could drive us home” and then with her “haha! I got you” smile she asked “what time are we leaving for the golf course tomorrow? ”

I know the teen years are coming and am grateful for the days like today, as i know the chances are getting shorter but either way tomorrow morning, we’ll be out of the driveway by 0730.


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