Our Family Values and how we bond.

July 4th Fireworks

The fourth of July was a wonderful time to catch up with my family, bless my wife for signing off on the trip to what was expected to be much more uncomfortable than it really was. We barbecued tons of pigs and some chickens, had homemade cinnamon rolls and a drunken 8 hour game of Monopoly (new edition), which thanks to 1800 silver i was able to close out at 0430.

Monopoly games in editions from seven countrie...

side note: who added the 4 extra properties to the damn game, thanks jackwagon! Oh!,  and bus passes, really? bus passes? Those things kept my sister in the game two hours longer than she should have been, we’ll talk later about this unauthorized change.

we bonded, and there weren’t any fights or yelling, except at kids(4) or the dogs (5) but we had a great time and i was grateful for a chance to

share a rare holiday in the US with my family.  And did I mention we did our own fireworks show for 2 and 1/2 hours, only stopping because we got bored, never thought I’d say this, blowing things up.

Enjoy the pics below of our bonding.

And remember:

Teach them patiently, Train alongside of them, Trust them implicitly, and Believe in why we are the greatest country in the world.

tshoot  jessshoot



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