Don’t forget


We are a country of outlaws, that hired outlaws to protect us from other country’s outlaws. today the modern version of those outlaws are putting themselves at risk EVERY DAY, and far to often than to be comforting, they bury a brother.

For you.

You don’t have to be a Marine, Sailor, soldier, or airmen, but you owe them everything you have an A.P.R. on because they stepped up, signed their name, and agreed to do for you what you don’t want to do for yourselves.  Not once have i heard my fellow warriors say, “man I wish I were somewhere else”

tonight as you pop in your latest red-box selection, crack open your Baconator, remember somewhere a kid old enough to be your little brother is sleeping on rocks, smoking a Marlboro, and remembering a time before he got that Eagle Globe and Anchor tattooed on his arm, when saturday night meant beer and girls not “a shower”.

shield jeremy

Eagle, Globe, and Anchor

Eagle, Globe, and Anchor

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