This life is awesome!

English: Jared hitting a jump at a freeride tr...

English: Jared hitting a jump at a freeride trail in Kansas City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi Jared here . As I was thinking back about why I was doing my MBA at 42 (43 soon), I reviewed back on my life, quickly realized a couple of things.

I’ve had a great Life!  Great kids, a great divorce and then a great marriage; I’ve been paid to be a pirate for the last 22 years, as well as being able to see things that my small southwest Kansas town of 1200 could never imagine. I love my wife and two kids all four of my dogs, my garden and the pains I feel as I get up every morning, because that pain is always followed by the awesome memories of how I earned them. I’ve ridden bulls, fished off the coast of Africa, seen snow fall of the mountains of Pakistan in July, surfed the Pacific ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Andaman Sea, see the ancient ruins of Babylon, the Giant Buddha in Hong Kong, and the birth of both my daughters.

I found to late its to easy to blame others and everything else but myself for my mistakes, and I know I  wouldn’t trade a day with no pain and 21 again for anything, it’s not the years that gets us, it’s the miles, please believe if you come to my funeral when I finally decide to leave this planet, there won’t be anything pretty in that box, I’m gonna use it all up and make another 42+ years of memories, devilish grins and bruises–j

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