Hold them tight….

Legend called me today crying…Not for anything I’ve done but because she got promoted at work to district health services coordinator, and as a result she had to watch a documentary on bullying. I’ve caused a lot of pain in her life, I’ve been injured, unable to call her from war zones, bought a new(er) truck, and forgot to unload the dishwasher. None of these things come close to the pain i felt coming through the phone after she watched a DOCUMENTARY about bullying and it’s f*&^ed up effects on our children.

Monkeyhead is going into 5th grade this year, and is constantly bullied, not because she’s “ugly”, or “smelly”, or “dumb”, but because she likes school, and is smart, and reads 3 books a week. Because she doesn’t care what your parents drive, or that your clothes aren’t from the coolest  stores, or that your hair is messed up.  She just wants to do well in school, and be liked.  Again I’m from a small town and I was bullied quite  bit. Taped 10 ft off the ground on a phone pole, beat up or attempted to be beaten up several times, stripped and thrown in a creek, and lord knows what else. I might have even bullied some people in my past and if that is true, I’m sorry.

It is because of that past that I urge you parents out there to get involved, teach your children where their worth truly comes from. Be intrusive in their lives, I don’t mean go through their sock drawer or under their bed, but shut off the damn tv and talk to them. Make them talk about their day, read their eyes, and most importantly hold them accountable for all the good and not-so-good they may or may not do, and show them you love them and what respect and self-respect look like through YOUR actions.

Your children start school soon, be there for them and let us all come together as humans and stop this.




3 comments on “Hold them tight….

  1. Joy Lenz says:

    Thank for protecting me from the bullies of our youth. I know you dealt with a lot of crap from older kids, but you stood up for me in front of our classmates and that made a huge difference. I will be forever grateful to you for that. I hope your “Monkeyhead” finds a friend like you.

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