bal·ance (

ˈbaləns/) =

a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

I just can’t seem to find it, I love legend and monkey head, and Bubba, but it just doesn’t seem that I can get it right with all of them, I try to I don’t know how to find it. Legend and I are good, Monkeyhead and I are off. Bubba and I are off, as is most often the case, then everything if off. It is so hard for me to admit defeat in anything, let alone my family, I failed a marriage once a long time ago, and have grown leaps and bounds since, I beat almost all my demons, not by myself, one day I’ll write about pa and how he helped me find the real me, but beat them none the less. I just wish I could have it all together, at one time, and be who I imagine myself to be, not the load, demanding, uncompromising man I was raised to be but the man legend has helped me to learn, the man who has had me read so many books, and change my diet, and care about the final product, Just one day of all of it together, that all I ask for.

One comment on “Balance

  1. Hey there! Balance can be a struggle for anyone. While we accept the experiences of the past, and acknowledge the uncertainty of the future, I believe it’s important to focus on just today. Of course, that’s easier said than done 🙂 Nonetheless, I think it’s awesome that you’re aware and thinking of it! Keep going, we all start brand new each day. And thanks for sharing a link to my latest post! I’m relatively new to wordpress, and just updated my info. So look for me at

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