In light of today’s events

Official seal of City of Houston

Official seal of City of Houston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last year the Houston department of public safety released a video to talk to all city employees and other interested office dwellers to give a good basic set of guidelines in the event of an office evil-evil doers arrival. Watch the video, educate yourselves, talk to your kids, know your exits, lawfully carry whenever possible, a victim that fights back isn’t a victim. 5+ minutes for the police to arrive, I know how fast I can reload my weapon systems, do you want your last five minutes spent hiding in fear, wondering how fast he is? or did you take the time to become educated, receive training and have your fighters mindset of  “I WILL NOT go silently”

We work every day to provide for our families, that doesn’t end when your work day  is done and you are back home, stand up! be a warrior for your family’s security in all of your efforts.–j

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