take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints..

I am very proud of my time in the Navy and I am proud of my accomplishments and passport stamps, unfortunately the nature of our jobs on a ship doesn’t allow for a recycle center. That said we did throw trash over the side, that had been shredded and mixed with sea water first, I don’t mean the little over shredder I mean a giant industrial strength, Ex-wife-eating shredder, we melted all of our plastics down into giant disc and recycled them when we got to port, apparently others don;t have or care about the same things. I hunt and fish, rarely do I keep the fish, and hunting is done as humanely and with as much consideration and gratitude for the animal presenting it’s self to me. To be of conservationist mind, my own definition, IS to understand your place and impact on your surroundings while making an attempt to make it better than when you got there.  I don’t litter, I love to mountain bike, I carry a pack and pick up trash from the trails, I love to hunt deer, to manage the herd does have to be taken, coyotes have to exist(well a couple anyway) food has to be available we dont’ spray on my farm. In my yard the only thing i spray for is poison ivy and that is only because i am deathly allergic, everything else we manage with complementing plants species, predator/prey considerations.

Hey people, take a sec and pick up a piece of trash from teh sidewalk, recycle that can, stop throwing trash out your window, our world is a system, systems only work when all parts are in harmony. Midway Island is a beautiful, historic place(yes i’ve been) these birds exist for a purpose and this is not it. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AT YOUR LEVEL!!! GO LIVE!!!

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