The synopses of my life.

” I don’t do faceless crime, I do bad things to bad people for a reason; I’m charitable, help the homeless and elderly. Replaceable or not, my karma bank should be good and This just proves that more people suck than my good can overturn”–JWHM 20 Jan 2014

This after finding out I had been a victim of bank card fraud and had 627 dollars of attempted stealing from my account, luckily for me, Bank of America denied the 400 and will replace the 227.

My whole point in this is simple. I spent many years living hard fast and dangerous, making bad decisions, and scoring more bad marks than Dennis the menace on Sunday, he did it with Mr Wilson and Ruff, I did it with tequila and a truck.

As I’ve gotten wiser, I have sold the truck, quit drinking tequila, and made amends to every single person I can find that I felt I had ever done wrong to. By the way, there are only maybe 3 more people on that list and they have all ghosted, so if you are one of them, let me know where you are because I am sorry for what I did and wish to make amends. Kind of a real life Earl, but no mustache.

I write to bring light to just one person in hopes of proving to them that all things aren’t as bad as they may seem.  To bring hope that there are others out there who listen, and think along the same lines as you, and honestly this venting of my apprehensions, anger, disappointing and uplifting thoughts, help me write better papers for school; No such thing we do is truer than that which is selfishly productive in nature.

I hope whoever bought 227 dollars of stuff at a Wal-Mart I’ve never been too, bought diapers, formula, blankets, sock,s and good organic food for their children to eat, or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself they did with my “donation”.

Don’t lose faith people, if they do bad,you do good, and negate a negative somewhere for someone else.–j


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