Unanswered Prayers

if you know me, you know that behind this rugged exterior and years of deployments is a big squishy.

I set up at night when Legend is sleeping and revel in how lucky i am for who she is, who she has helped me to become, and that she apparently hasn’t sobered up enough in the past 12 years and realized what she got into.

I caught up with an old acquaintance this evening and got a run down of things I missed in their life since things didn’t work out between us. I don’t wish ill-will on very many people, and I never did/have towards her but I am thankful that my problems, as they are today, are mine.

As I grow older, I grow more and more comfortable in my skin and accepting of my past. Honestly some things in my past sucked; getting shot at, rocketed, mortared daily=sucked. getting a divorce=liberating, divorce debts=sucked, watching your kid grow up in pictures=SUCKED.

But I truly can’t say they were good or bad, they just were. I can’t repeat how happy and proud of my life and how it has become. dark days, an expensive divorce, worrisome children, severe physical  injuries; all to help me grow to where and who I am now. Legend made me better than I ever could have been alone, my experiences helped me grow into who I am. Thanks for unanswered prayers, there is always something greater than us and our drama running our lives.

Live hard, live loud, live life!!!

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