Somedays you are the windshield, some days you are the bug, or as of late somedays you are the Broncos, some days you are the other team that i wish bad things on,but I digress.

Somedays as grateful as I am for all the super cool stuff in my life, and my memories of stuff I’ve seen and done that others have only seen movies of,  you just feel a little sad. Not sad because of the Broncos loss, really they don’t pay me to be a fan so I get what I pay for, work is stressful but in a good way, the way that makes you say, “you’ll never beat me”. Maybe I’m sad cause it’s winter and I miss Legend, maybe but at this point death is the only thing going to end this, and even then I’m not sure that death would win.

Maybe as I reflect on the greatness that has been my life, I realize that youth truly is wasted on the young and feel sad that as I finally start grasp my place and self-awareness I may be on the second half of such an awesome trip.

SO we keep going, we keep pushing, you find that new goal and target and you go for them. do you get up and the morning and feel as if its been enough? You are WRONG!! We push ourselves and efforts to motivate ourselves to give our best to teach Monkeyhead and Bubba that we can never stop striving for that next level. And if our next level isn’t as high as the next person’s, who cares, we did our best and showed others it was possible.

As my academic career fast comes to an end, and as I’ve just now started to figure out how to keep from pissing Legend off with every breath, my next goal in life is back to shape, not just shape, but Crossfit open shape. I intend to make the open at age 45, for those counting I’m 43 until September this year. that allows for graduation, knee repair, a new job and reacquaintance with my family.

you keep pushing you, no one else will do it for you.

Murph. RX’d with body armor (20lbs+) 52m 37s PR

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