About Me

So this is me, a U.S. Navy reservist back on active with 22 years of service. I just try to live, make up for past mistakes, outlearn my societal framing  while being a good husband to Legend, and a dad of worth and value for my two girls Pooh and monkeyhead. Having slightly less than average childhood, i realized a few weeks back how hard i’ve worked to outgrow what that upbringing and “support ” network had set in place for me and my future. Self educated with the help of online schools, i read all the time and have a great handful of friends who keep me grounded and focused on our outgrowing ourselves and changing our stars.

First Navy Jack In use for the duration of the...

First Navy Jack In use for the duration of the War on Terrorism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One comment on “About Me

  1. wcman1976 says:


    Thanks for the pingback to my article “Complacency=Living Death.” I find it sad that this article hardly got any views, as it is WAY more important than any of my BS rambling about fitness and martial arts! At any rate, feel free to comment on things and follow me!


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