When Elite Parents Dominate Volunteers, Children Lose – NYTimes.com

When Elite Parents Dominate Volunteers, Children Lose – NYTimes.com.

Bullying is learned, not taught, not innate. Yes there is a pecking order, but most often than not it can be settled over a game of four square (do kids still play that) and lawyers aren’t required.

Having the “joy” of being the only dad at many of my daughters school functions, I understand the pressure the author felt. I know what it is to be made to feel less than, because I CAN afford the time to go to my daughters school functions. But a man at a school party must not have a job right? Half these mothers that have no life outside of the PTA live off of their husbands hard work and reputation, not the work they monetarily put into their households, gaining their social points by the outfits they where to pick their mini-mes up after school.

We live modestly and within our means, if it weren’t for a couple of ill timed injuries we’d be better off today than we are today but there is starting to be some money left at the end of the month instead of the other way around, our daughter can pretty much do what she wants, she doesn’t know that. But for those of us that grew up in a house of 7 and 3 bedrooms, or 4 and a trailer house we understand what it means to be enough, and the shame of not being able to invite everyone to your birthday party.

Parents they are kids, let them stay that way as long as they can, they don’t always need our “help”.


Your chance at making a difference is now.

Is this an expose of America or the cultures represented? I don’t care! If you see something like this and take the chance to intervene the possibility exists that you save someone from an embarrassing and potentially painful life event as well as you may run the risk of being embarrassed for being caught on film doing the right thing or you may also run the risk of someone trying to throw you a beating; let them! If you are on the side of right, you have done your part. If someone sees the humanity in you and through your actions they may become empowered to do the same, maybe for you or someone else one day. If you want a better world for yourselves and your family YOU have to build it, politicians and pop stars could care less about your needs, safety and happiness.–j

The synopses of my life.

” I don’t do faceless crime, I do bad things to bad people for a reason; I’m charitable, help the homeless and elderly. Replaceable or not, my karma bank should be good and This just proves that more people suck than my good can overturn”–JWHM 20 Jan 2014

This after finding out I had been a victim of bank card fraud and had 627 dollars of attempted stealing from my account, luckily for me, Bank of America denied the 400 and will replace the 227.

My whole point in this is simple. I spent many years living hard fast and dangerous, making bad decisions, and scoring more bad marks than Dennis the menace on Sunday, he did it with Mr Wilson and Ruff, I did it with tequila and a truck.

As I’ve gotten wiser, I have sold the truck, quit drinking tequila, and made amends to every single person I can find that I felt I had ever done wrong to. By the way, there are only maybe 3 more people on that list and they have all ghosted, so if you are one of them, let me know where you are because I am sorry for what I did and wish to make amends. Kind of a real life Earl, but no mustache.

I write to bring light to just one person in hopes of proving to them that all things aren’t as bad as they may seem.  To bring hope that there are others out there who listen, and think along the same lines as you, and honestly this venting of my apprehensions, anger, disappointing and uplifting thoughts, help me write better papers for school; No such thing we do is truer than that which is selfishly productive in nature.

I hope whoever bought 227 dollars of stuff at a Wal-Mart I’ve never been too, bought diapers, formula, blankets, sock,s and good organic food for their children to eat, or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself they did with my “donation”.

Don’t lose faith people, if they do bad,you do good, and negate a negative somewhere for someone else.–j


It is a curse to be blessed…

I have been married twice, cursed and blessed in a life event.

I have two healthy children….they are girls, blessed  and cursed in a life event

i knew all my grandparents and 1 set of great grand parents, and my great-grand mother. They could all pick me from a crowd, i took something from each of them and through me they live on. My children barely knew them, blessed and cursed.

I still have contact with almost all my high school friends, not only through social media, but also with their real phone numbers and address’. Monkeyhead has never known a different school Legend has only had to move twice because of me, once in our first apartment and the last time, to the only house I believe we will ever live in.

I’ve been to war, many times, and I’ve come back many times, with all my limbs and most of my sanity, some can’t remember when they had any of those things.

A dear friend is dealing with cancer, and I wanted to write a list for her:1. You’ll look hot bald. 2. fuck cancer!  3. Think of all the scarves! you know the best one’s come in cashmere. 4.When you win we get to have a big party and lastly 5. you’ll never have to hide cleavage again!! But what do those things do for her now? how can I help her now? This helplessness is to me a sense of defeat, i may not win, but i never lose, how can I equip myself to be better for others?

I know we all know we are born and we die, and that what happens in the dash(-) is up to us. But what if we’ve had the life we’ve always wanted and when the time comes,the list isn’t completely checked off?

Is there solace in “best effort”, is anyone happy with 2nd place? or truly proud of their participation trophies?

Or when you wake up in the morning does the world say “oh crap! they’re up”?

Another friend has overcome illness, treachery, adversity and loneliness, all while being the happiest person i know, always. I have known her since I started kindergarten, only for her, the largest heart in Kansas to have her joy taken?

I know people say god doesn’t give us more than we can handle, ok, that’s good for them, but i want to be a good person, a strong person, a successful person and a helpful person, but how can I do that when there are times I can’t find my car keys?

It seems to me I’ve handled a lot, and am pretty well equipped to handle more, now. While others have had to work hard and deal with pain that I’ve never been forced to contemplate.  Where in Barnes and Nobles do i find the section on “how to make it all better”?

I just want so much for those i know and love to be able to wake up every morning and know they are tired, that yes work will suck, the weights in the gym aren’t going to move themselves and yet through it all know that regardless of all that, this life has been awesome!!

Would i trade places with them, no. I know my adversities have been tailored to me, as have theirs, does that make it any easier to look at them and say “i’m sorry, how can i help? what can i do to make this less for you?”

Never forget your Inner Ninja friends–j

take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints..

I am very proud of my time in the Navy and I am proud of my accomplishments and passport stamps, unfortunately the nature of our jobs on a ship doesn’t allow for a recycle center. That said we did throw trash over the side, that had been shredded and mixed with sea water first, I don’t mean the little over shredder I mean a giant industrial strength, Ex-wife-eating shredder, we melted all of our plastics down into giant disc and recycled them when we got to port, apparently others don;t have or care about the same things. I hunt and fish, rarely do I keep the fish, and hunting is done as humanely and with as much consideration and gratitude for the animal presenting it’s self to me. To be of conservationist mind, my own definition, IS to understand your place and impact on your surroundings while making an attempt to make it better than when you got there.  I don’t litter, I love to mountain bike, I carry a pack and pick up trash from the trails, I love to hunt deer, to manage the herd does have to be taken, coyotes have to exist(well a couple anyway) food has to be available we dont’ spray on my farm. In my yard the only thing i spray for is poison ivy and that is only because i am deathly allergic, everything else we manage with complementing plants species, predator/prey considerations.

Hey people, take a sec and pick up a piece of trash from teh sidewalk, recycle that can, stop throwing trash out your window, our world is a system, systems only work when all parts are in harmony. Midway Island is a beautiful, historic place(yes i’ve been) these birds exist for a purpose and this is not it. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE AT YOUR LEVEL!!! GO LIVE!!!