My message for Bubba, her friends, and their parents.

  • SO I talk about Legend and Monkeyhead, Bubba is my oldest, if there were a mirror of me at 19 it’s her. That said I see it and am unfortunately forced to watch her slip into the shitty social standards they permeate and define our current generation’s social ability, drive and standards. Below you find a selection from Bubba’s Facebook wall this evening. The names have been changed to protect the future victims, err i mean young disrespectful, littl jackno no no thats not it, misguided youth which obviously are trying to be cool and hip, regardless of past parental guidance to the contrary. If for some reason you read this and are a parent of one of the 3 below, please feel free to A. reeducate them on proper respect of their friends, the opposite sex and more importantly my daughter or 2. send them here to me so i can do it for you–j
    Jackwagon 1 Omg wow =-O
  • ^ Bubba  What??
  • Jackwagon 1 Your eyws are beautifull lol
  • Bubba Thank you
  • Jackwagon 1 My pleasure
  • Jack wagon 2: Fuckin whore Bubba
  • Jackwagon 1 Hey! Watch it!!! Lol
  • Jack wagon 2: Hahaha or what?
  • Jack wagon 2: Lol
  • Jackwagon 1 Idk cuz im not there lol
  • Jack wagon 2: Even if u were nothin would happen lol
  • Jackwagon 1 Depends how we aproach eachother bruh
  • Jack wagon 2: Very true
  • Bubba to jackwagon 1 calm down he’s kidding jackwagon 2 stop!!
  • Jack wagon 2: Hahahaha
  • Jackwagon 1 Ik we just talkin he seem cool lol
  • jackwagon 2 I just like givin people shit Bubba-Moore knows I love her lol she my little hooker
  • Bubba, to jackwagon 2 I love you 2 fucko!!
  • Jackwagon 1 Hahahahaha hell naww bruh
  • Jack wagon 2: He’ll na what?
  • Jackwagon 1 Your little hooker lol
  • Jack wagon 2: She is.. You think I was kidding bout that
  • Jackwagon 1 Yupp she dont seem like the type lol
  • Jack wagon 2: Haha she’s not it’s an inside joke
  • Bubba to jackwagon 2, we are in the same car if you wernt bigger then me I would hit you
  • Jack wagon 2: Hahaha queer


Somedays you are the windshield, some days you are the bug, or as of late somedays you are the Broncos, some days you are the other team that i wish bad things on,but I digress.

Somedays as grateful as I am for all the super cool stuff in my life, and my memories of stuff I’ve seen and done that others have only seen movies of,  you just feel a little sad. Not sad because of the Broncos loss, really they don’t pay me to be a fan so I get what I pay for, work is stressful but in a good way, the way that makes you say, “you’ll never beat me”. Maybe I’m sad cause it’s winter and I miss Legend, maybe but at this point death is the only thing going to end this, and even then I’m not sure that death would win.

Maybe as I reflect on the greatness that has been my life, I realize that youth truly is wasted on the young and feel sad that as I finally start grasp my place and self-awareness I may be on the second half of such an awesome trip.

SO we keep going, we keep pushing, you find that new goal and target and you go for them. do you get up and the morning and feel as if its been enough? You are WRONG!! We push ourselves and efforts to motivate ourselves to give our best to teach Monkeyhead and Bubba that we can never stop striving for that next level. And if our next level isn’t as high as the next person’s, who cares, we did our best and showed others it was possible.

As my academic career fast comes to an end, and as I’ve just now started to figure out how to keep from pissing Legend off with every breath, my next goal in life is back to shape, not just shape, but Crossfit open shape. I intend to make the open at age 45, for those counting I’m 43 until September this year. that allows for graduation, knee repair, a new job and reacquaintance with my family.

you keep pushing you, no one else will do it for you.

Murph. RX’d with body armor (20lbs+) 52m 37s PR

When Elite Parents Dominate Volunteers, Children Lose –

When Elite Parents Dominate Volunteers, Children Lose –

Bullying is learned, not taught, not innate. Yes there is a pecking order, but most often than not it can be settled over a game of four square (do kids still play that) and lawyers aren’t required.

Having the “joy” of being the only dad at many of my daughters school functions, I understand the pressure the author felt. I know what it is to be made to feel less than, because I CAN afford the time to go to my daughters school functions. But a man at a school party must not have a job right? Half these mothers that have no life outside of the PTA live off of their husbands hard work and reputation, not the work they monetarily put into their households, gaining their social points by the outfits they where to pick their mini-mes up after school.

We live modestly and within our means, if it weren’t for a couple of ill timed injuries we’d be better off today than we are today but there is starting to be some money left at the end of the month instead of the other way around, our daughter can pretty much do what she wants, she doesn’t know that. But for those of us that grew up in a house of 7 and 3 bedrooms, or 4 and a trailer house we understand what it means to be enough, and the shame of not being able to invite everyone to your birthday party.

Parents they are kids, let them stay that way as long as they can, they don’t always need our “help”.

On “Transitioning” — Medium

On “Transitioning” — Medium.


Please read this, and try to understand though not my words, it is a real depiction of the difficulties I and my brothers and sisters have every time we come home.

We just want to live our life as best as we can, put that beast to sleep and lock him away; even though we love and miss him and what he did for us, the belief and strength from that beast can never be tamed.

If we are lucky he gets smaller over time allowing us, at least outwardly, to make that transition to “normal”, whatever the hell that is….

About to make some people mad…

…But that’s ok, that is why I blog, so I can vent without personally attacking anyone. I read the supposed quote from the awesome author and initially I think, “you know what she’s right, I have no right to judge anyone if they are “fat”, hell I’m fat from where I want to be”, but I still run a 9-10:30 minute mile and workout everyday. But also as I think truly if you are any of the other adjectives, being so won’t kill you unless one of your adjective recipients decides to do it as a result of your focused, cruelty, evil etc..

Now for my rant: This “I’m OK, you’re OK” crap that we are trying to sell the country into believing is exactly that, crap.

Yes what your choices are are your business, I am not one to ask you, tell you, or force you to change something about yourself because I think, heard, or believe that your choices are wrong, immoral, or illegal; You do you, I’ll do me.

But here are the facts of you or someone you love accepting that it is OK to be fat. I said fact, meaning I didn’t make this up, and would like to draw your attention to the last bullet point, my reference is below those points.

We as humans have a finite time here on earth, and unfortunately we make connections with other humans who love us, and look up to us and who we choose to bring into this existence. So you think about them, not yourself as you eat the entire box of Twinkies, because you earned it after buying a workout DVD.

We owe our loved ones to at least make an effort to prolong our time with them as long as we humanely can.

Key facts

  • Worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980.
  • In 2008, more than 1.4 billion adults, 20 and older, were overweight. Of these over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese.
  • 35% of adults aged 20 and over were overweight in 2008, and 11% were obese.
  • 65% of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight.
  • More than 40 million children under the age of five were overweight in 2011.
  • Obesity is preventable.


Your chance at making a difference is now.

Is this an expose of America or the cultures represented? I don’t care! If you see something like this and take the chance to intervene the possibility exists that you save someone from an embarrassing and potentially painful life event as well as you may run the risk of being embarrassed for being caught on film doing the right thing or you may also run the risk of someone trying to throw you a beating; let them! If you are on the side of right, you have done your part. If someone sees the humanity in you and through your actions they may become empowered to do the same, maybe for you or someone else one day. If you want a better world for yourselves and your family YOU have to build it, politicians and pop stars could care less about your needs, safety and happiness.–j