i don’t even listen to his music…why is he in my news feed?

Bald Eagle in the Skagit valley, Washington, USA.

Bald Eagle in the Skagit valley, Washington, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Look, lil wayne is an artist, his music is for, pleasure? to make him money? An artistic expression designed to make you move your feet to your computer to buy his computer generated “music”. He danced on the Flag, he can’t speak complete sentences and his paid for his artistic prowess.  w.hich are we madder about that he chose to exercise his 1st amendment right through expression by standing on the flag. Would i do it? no. would i allow it at my house? no.  Does it make me mad? not really when an entertainment personality does something it’s for expression’s sake and attention, don’t give it to him, don’t repost the picture of him on the flag on Facebook.

The flag, Bald Eagle, and the constitution are symbols of America, we share it all, good and bad. unfortunately he’s the bad and we help his cause highlighting his jackwagonery all over social media. You do what is right for you and teach your children, students and family what right and wrong are and the importance of the successful use of, and protection for the symbols which assist to define one’s identity.


Oh, and if you see Lil, Wayne let him know he can come stand on the flag in my yard anytime he wants…………….