The blue umbrella

The blue umbrella, is a short film about an Umbrella that has everything in the world working for him, but the wind.

English: Opened umbrella

English: Opened umbrella (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

the rain works for him to be out and aware of his surroundings, the signs work for him to be put next to the one he should be with, and the world gave him the chance to be found on a bad day.

The wind blew and blew to keep him away from where he should be but karma was to strong, and when he needed help the most his fate came to the rescue.

today the California supreme became the signs and the rain to put people together as they were meant to be,

and I don’t care.

I don’t care because Stephanie is my friend, Matthew is my brother-in-law,  Charlie and Tricia are my cousins and Elgin is my Auntie,

I only care they are happy, and now they can share the umbrella stand with their red umbrella partners.

Robert Heinlein wrote of a time in the future when men and woman are equal, that berthing spaces and military job assignments are equally shared regardless of risk, or preference, because those two things are what they are.

You can no more remove risk from walking down the street than you can change Chick-fil-A’s choice to be closed on Sundays. you can only move forward

today fate stepped in to stop the wind, and regardless of my choices, preferences or personal beliefs, tomorrow will still happen, wind will still blow, rain will still fall

and the blue umbrellas can be happy.