My little girl is growing up.


As a dad there are joys and pains in parenting. Our little girls grow up, and start to hate us, not listen and resent the fact our help isn’t what they think they need it to be.

that doesn’t mean we don’t try

We owe it to our children to provide them better than we had as children; the opportunity to have, with each evolution of a generation, their knowledge, education, experiences and opportunities.

to know that there are good things in life.

Yesterday, my baby turned ten, and as she troopered through the starts of the flu, that now has her in bed. she had a great first time getting her toes done and her nails did, and her hair blowed. it was a good day and I’m sorry she has to grow up soon, but felt truly blessed to have the chance to share her first double-digit birthday full of firsts.