when the adults fail to teach, the children will teach themselves

Why do we still have mall shootings, homeless families, bankrupt cities, uneven foreign trade policy, and trillions of dollars of debt?

Because a group of individuals forgot that they are not more powerful than those they represent, in fact they forget who they represent and make decisions from their 500 foot view instead of going home and investigating what the 10000 foot view would do to their constitutes.  When we stop teaching our children accountability, by refusing to hold our elected leaders accountable, there is no wonder that 52% of Americans expect some form of government subsidy to provide for their needs, while teaching their children they are owed the same subsidy; when they should (in my humble opinion) teach their children, they were born in the most opportunity driven country in the world, look at the Detroit Bus Company, and tell me this isn’t the country of dreams? where a 225 year old average kid, can see a need, fill it, and make a difference. We are owed nothing but air, everything you have or become is up to you, some outliers do exist but change your stars William, change your stars.

I can’t say it any better

If you aren’t preaching this message to your children, co-workers and self, you are selling yourself and your possibilities short, don’t teach your children to be ordinary, let them know they are winners, and winners never quit, or place blame, they shoulder up and keep moving forward.


there we have it,


I think that should give us all  pause. Our limitations are imposed by our self belief. Teach our children and ourselves to believe enough in it and work hard enough for it that the doubters can’t take it away, and others stupidity(ignorance) or not, has to roll off our shoulders, because when we don’t make it, other’s ignorance won’t be the ones staring back at us in our mirror.

English: Physicist Albert Einstein playing vio...

English: Physicist Albert Einstein playing violin Español: El físico Albert Einstein tocando el violín Português: O físico Alber Einstein tocando violino (Photo credit: Wikipedia)