Happy fathers day

It’s Fathers day and as my children sleep, i enjoy a cup of coffee and time on the computer that doesn’t involve bill-pay or homework. but i wanted to talk about some things my dad makes me think about.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine (Photo credit: Alexandra Tinder)

1. Adam Levine– He said what he said, he didn’t mean it in the context it was taken, stop being a bunch of jackwagons about his patriotism, dude doesn yoga, and makes money singing like few ever will. respect that he’s human, you’ve all said you hate your dad in the past, yet today 80% of you changed your Facebook picture to a picture of him or him and you and thanked him for being the best dad ever.

2. I am not your friend.fatherhood evolution says that i am here for you, not because of you. What that means is I will house you, feed you, clothe you, and haul you wherever I deem it is truly necessary for you to be, but i am not your friend. I will not allow you to be a burden on society, I will not allow you to be irresponsible. As a teenager i woke up at 0400 to fill a trailer and go break ice, water and feed cows, you did not but by god you will take out the trash! After the cows were watered and the ice cuts on my face stopped bleeding, I took a shower and went to my “job” so I could make money to buy things i wanted, you don’t have to have a job, your job is school and good grades, but you will clean your room!



Cattle (Photo credit: CameliaTWU (off for a while))


3. Snowdays are bullshit! I’ve stood in the back of a truck in a blizzard after checking our calving cows and heifers(yes, there is a difference) while a newborn calf sat in the floor board soaking up the heat, 2 inches on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t possibly get your dirty clothes into the hamper.

4. No one owes you anything but you, the success and failures you may experience in life are in direct proportion to the effort or lack thereof you put forth. I will equip you, you will read and write and have an  understanding of choices and consequences, but it will never be someone elses fault if you don’t get to where you want to be, my job is equipment(ing) manager, i give you what you need to get on the field, i can’t swing the bat for you too.

5. I do love you and I am proud of you, I yell too much and am gone to much, for way too long, but i do love you. I exist for you and your success, I will help with your pain, I’m not the best at it, I’m still uncomfortable doing it, but i will try for you until i get it done, because your happiness and success are my purpose….now go put away your laundry.

Two hands