the parable of Rachel

The following is a direct quote from my childhood friend’s news feed.

“Was awakened in the night to the sound of crying. Found Rachel in bed sobbing. Once I got her calmed down, I asked why she wasn’t sleeping. Her reply? “Because I don’t want to miss anything fun.” Really? At 1:37 AM?”

Rachel, we have never met but i believe we are kindred spirits. I’ve been known to say many a time, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” and its true; why sleep when all the good videos don’t come on Night Tracks until after midnight.

Who wants to be the friend who went to bed at a decent hour in Vegas only to hear about the fun you missed out on poolside the next morning?

I don’t want to miss anything fun.

Last year I took my Wahoo into a creek bed and after who knows how long, with a mouth full of dried blood and mud, i woke up to a knee the size of a small child and my cherished Gary Fisher 10 ft behind me, and 3 feet below me in a creek bed.

Gary Fisher Wahoo for sale

Gary Fisher Wahoo


English: Bike of All Mountain. Gary Fisher. Mo...

English: Bike of All Mountain. Gary Fisher. Model: Roscoe One. 2010 Español: Bicicleta de enduro. Gary Fisher. Modelo:Roscoe One. 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


5 months later, and much to the very loud and Irish sounding opinions voiced by Legend, I was back in the woods. on the same bike, only with a knee brace this time.

5 days after the wreck

5 days after the wreck

I don’t want to miss anything fun, pure and simple.

a few years prior, I thought it would be a good idea to take Legend to Las Vegas as she’s never been, so i booked the trip. The problem was, I was in Afghanistan, and my flight home was delayed by a week due to weather. So instead of having a week to shave, shower and adjust to the US, Legend picked me and my kit up at one terminal, drove us to another terminal where we barely had enough time to park, and get on our plane to Vegas.

Now it worked out great for me, after 23 hours flying, what’s another 4? I took a little nap, and hit Vegas with both feet. while Legend slept I played poker, and covered the cost of the trip, while I slept she went to the spa, and shopped and made up for the poker…

but we didn’t miss anything fun.

Run through life like someone left the gate open and you’ll have everything in a life worth looking back on with pride.

now true it may be pride for having not gotten caught, but pride nonetheless.

my goal for me and hopes for you all is you never miss anything fun so that when your time comes you never have to ask “what if?”

Rachel, Life is fun and i believe you won’t miss it.