empowerment in the age of complacency

English: Royce Gracie

English: Royce Gracie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome back, if you have never read me before, let me fill you in a little bit. i am a 23 year veteran of the military, with multiple deployments where bad people prove their displeasure in Americans by shooting at them. I am married to Legend, my rock and we have MonkeyHead and Bubba, plus 4 dogs. Those girls are the light of my life and both are totally different people. Bubba is loud, outspoken, and has her daddy’s calm temper and quiet voice and personality. (<-sarcasm) MonkeyHead is introspective and a million times smarter than I am, she doesn’t believe in the victimization of woman, or the need to use sexual images to sell music. She has read all the Harry Potter books, except the last one, and the best way to punish her is to not let her read at night. She is also only ten, having standards, morals, and being an individual at the peak developmental phase for mean girls is not an easy road. Daddy’s answer is to choke them out, Legend does not agree, what we agree in is empowering our children to stand up for themselves and others, speak their mind and that the most important choices we make are the ones we make when no one is watching.

The Gracie family has been around for years since before UFC, Pride, or even Ken Shamrock. Confidence is key in life, if you don’t know how to instill that trait in your children, that is ok, find someone to help you. You ask Legend, I don’t know everything and am fast learning i can’t do it all my way, to many cracks in my foundation at an early age, and the mortar only covered them up, not filled them in. Don’t rest on the complacency a 60 inch tv can bring you, engage with your children, love them empower them, and find help somewhere besides Dr. Spock, he was wrong and our children today are paying that price.