Duck Dynasty on Success

Thank you to the Robertson family for having and displaying family values, talking at multiple engagements around the country on the importance of parenting, loving one another and deriving your success from your’s and you family’s efforts and nothing more.

Hard work, focus, planning, mentorship, followership, drive, belief, support, motivation, trust and faith. Can we take ten minutes a day to demonstrate this to our children, family and co-workers, can we live a laugh that serves as a “how to” guide for those we influence most? or are we destined to Al Bundy our life over our single lifetime accomplishment? See it and speak it into existence, what you take in is what you’ll give out.


Bullying, a parental opportunity for involvement

if you’ve read my post, you know Monkeyhead and Bubba are my world.  Also hopefully you checked out the links to We as parents have GOT to empower our children to believe in themselves and their strengths. Engage, Empower, and involve yourselves in their lives.

Photo: Not really that funny, but Its pretty true

what it takes to learn

We as Americans and parents get wrapped about competing with the Joneses, read this and say you don’t that’s ok, we lie to ourselves allot as parents too.

my kid is going to be an Astronaut, a rapper or a CEO….you get the point, place your unrealistic expectation for your child here__________________________.

The truth is this, college isn’t for everyone, we all aren’t smart enough to go from sweeping the floors to Harvard wiz kid.

My family immigrated from Germany more than 150 years ago to build houses, to this day construction and carpentry are still the family business.

Show your children you love them, help them find that one thing they love and are good at. That which they do for love, not necessity or show a natural aptitude for.

Don’t force them to school because that decision was made for you, and now your dream life is only visible in the 5 hours  you sleep a night. Lead them to THEIR path.

coach them, lead them, love them and  most importantly believe in them.

Happy fathers day

It’s Fathers day and as my children sleep, i enjoy a cup of coffee and time on the computer that doesn’t involve bill-pay or homework. but i wanted to talk about some things my dad makes me think about.

Adam Levine

Adam Levine (Photo credit: Alexandra Tinder)

1. Adam Levine– He said what he said, he didn’t mean it in the context it was taken, stop being a bunch of jackwagons about his patriotism, dude doesn yoga, and makes money singing like few ever will. respect that he’s human, you’ve all said you hate your dad in the past, yet today 80% of you changed your Facebook picture to a picture of him or him and you and thanked him for being the best dad ever.

2. I am not your friend.fatherhood evolution says that i am here for you, not because of you. What that means is I will house you, feed you, clothe you, and haul you wherever I deem it is truly necessary for you to be, but i am not your friend. I will not allow you to be a burden on society, I will not allow you to be irresponsible. As a teenager i woke up at 0400 to fill a trailer and go break ice, water and feed cows, you did not but by god you will take out the trash! After the cows were watered and the ice cuts on my face stopped bleeding, I took a shower and went to my “job” so I could make money to buy things i wanted, you don’t have to have a job, your job is school and good grades, but you will clean your room!



Cattle (Photo credit: CameliaTWU (off for a while))


3. Snowdays are bullshit! I’ve stood in the back of a truck in a blizzard after checking our calving cows and heifers(yes, there is a difference) while a newborn calf sat in the floor board soaking up the heat, 2 inches on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t possibly get your dirty clothes into the hamper.

4. No one owes you anything but you, the success and failures you may experience in life are in direct proportion to the effort or lack thereof you put forth. I will equip you, you will read and write and have an  understanding of choices and consequences, but it will never be someone elses fault if you don’t get to where you want to be, my job is equipment(ing) manager, i give you what you need to get on the field, i can’t swing the bat for you too.

5. I do love you and I am proud of you, I yell too much and am gone to much, for way too long, but i do love you. I exist for you and your success, I will help with your pain, I’m not the best at it, I’m still uncomfortable doing it, but i will try for you until i get it done, because your happiness and success are my purpose….now go put away your laundry.

Two hands

My little girl is growing up.


As a dad there are joys and pains in parenting. Our little girls grow up, and start to hate us, not listen and resent the fact our help isn’t what they think they need it to be.

that doesn’t mean we don’t try

We owe it to our children to provide them better than we had as children; the opportunity to have, with each evolution of a generation, their knowledge, education, experiences and opportunities.

to know that there are good things in life.

Yesterday, my baby turned ten, and as she troopered through the starts of the flu, that now has her in bed. she had a great first time getting her toes done and her nails did, and her hair blowed. it was a good day and I’m sorry she has to grow up soon, but felt truly blessed to have the chance to share her first double-digit birthday full of firsts.


Our children are our only hope.

Celtic Choice (by Fays) Irish ghillies

Celtic Choice (by Fays) Irish ghillies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I grew up the adopted child of  alcoholics… now some would say they were drunks, not alcoholics, but only because they didn’t go to meetings. Either way  my grandmother could put it down. At one time so could I, but thankfully as I’ve gotten older I’ve just found to many other productive ways to fill my time, regardless of my plans or the amount of refreshing beverages in the house, i find myself spending money on booze that ends up  living in the cupboard long enough to be an investment instead of enjoyment.

Oh, i grew up in a trailer too…on the wrong end of town…and was in trouble a lot…but somewhere, a switch flipped, which gave me drive. Drive enough to move out of my parents home and in with my aunt and uncle to finish high school. I did, on the honor roll and with a full scholarship to a four-year church school. (,  the school thing lasted a semester before i enlisted but I earned the scholarship and went.

I have a had a very successful career in the Navy for 22 years, not without its ups and downs, deployments and debilitating PTSD, not to mention the 65 lbs it gave me as I sat crying in the corner, and a thrashed knee.

To the point of my story: my boss recently told me that there was no reason I have been as successful as I Have, and the successes  should never have happened. When I asked him why, he told me about success opportunities due to upbringing, family, education etc. and the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

If you’ve ever felt too hard on your children, don’t. Read the book, see what the answer to lack of opportunity truly is. My oldest unfortunately didn’t have the benefit of having parents that understood what education and the rewards from carting your kids to and from their activities, plus making them practice and do extra homework, but my youngest does. No longer will i feel guilty for:

Not letting her watch TV during the school week.

Making my youngest practice her piano 1.5 hours a week.

Making her practice dance, both Irish dance and Jazz dancing for 30 minutes a day.

Spanish club 45 minutes before school once a week.

Doing her homework everyday as soon as she gets home.

Doing math work books when she doesn’t have homework.

Reading no less than 45 minutes every night before bed.

So basically in my simple way of thinking; you want to be good you have to show up, if you want to be great you have to work and if you want to be a success, you have to work hard and long.

Home is the place to start, school is the place to manage and gain new skills; hard work is something that can be passed on, and the only way for us as parents to ensure the success of our children is to make them work harder than we did as children, on a schedule, and not let them accept a

Cover of

Cover of Outliers: The Story of Success


second-hand effort as a valid attempt.

I’m not trying for 10,000 hours through my children but they will get pretty close before they go forth on their own into the world.

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