so i was thinking.

this is my first attempt at this but rather than piss people off at work i thought i’d put it here and give you a choice to listen.


i was brought up trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly courteous  kind, clean obedient,cheerful thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. If you don’t know what that means then you probably weren’t a Boy Scout.

There is no sweat here if not, i’m good with you or your parents choice(s).

That brings me to my point, I’m good with your choices, as they don’t effect me, i hope you are good with mine if they don’t effect you, but i really don’t care.

What are you going on about??

Today the Boy Scouts voted to rescind their ban on gay youth starting next year, well it makes sense right? the united states military (really just a big scout troop with bad clothes and guns) moved to not care if you were gay, only that you could and would do whatever job you chose when you enlisted. So whats the big deal? as far as i know there hasn’t been a case of homosexual transmission on this earth yet from drinking from the same canteen, or sleeping in the same tent. just as there hasn’t been a none case of homosexual transmission while fighting the taliban…

Do we really think god asks us to shun(hate) those which are different than us?

well Allah does, ask the Royal Fusilier who was hacked down yesterday in the streets of England  for….walking??

so we should keep our young men, our future 1% of 1% (Eagle scouts) from being in scouting and learning how to camp, make fires, and race chunks of wood with wheels on them down a ramp with their friends?

America is this distraction worth your time? do we teach exclusion by hiding behind religion to justify our means?

some of you quit reading, and some are mad or don’t care. but for what its worth. I am an Eagle Scout, i earned my God and Country award, I am a combat veteran, and a father;

So here’s a thought, how about we teach our children to read before we teach them to hate? Or better yet, teach them to be the pack leader instead of a follower.

i was just thinking.