If You don’t find this wrong, you are part of the problem

and i don’t mean the banned commercial, i mean the fact it was banned when the protection of one’s self, possessions and family are our creator given rights, not to be infringed by man. Our Constitution and the construction of this country were built on the fact that as British citizens we had no rights not explicitly given by the state. America your time has come fight this fight as you see fit, preferably at the voting booth, and while you ask yourselves who Colion Noir is, make sure you have a higher degree than his law degree…

But to live for others.

To love others for the honor, and not for the want but to serve is our goal.

think of this the next time your wife asks you to take out the trash.

be mindful of him, as your husband complains of his sore back

be present in his focus when your children ask you to play.

and all the while,

be grateful of the opportunity.–j

"A little statue of Buddha."