It all has a cost, who is willing to pay it is the question

We all have our burden some self-induced, some brought on by seemingly innocent remarks by ignorant people, not stupid, but ignorant. I’ve been called knuckledragger, rock, stupid, baby killer, and doc. all by people who knew the truth or didn’t care. That’s ok me and my “dumb” brothers know the truth, i finish my MBA in 8 months, another of my knuckledragging friends graduates from Harvard this year, and another “rock” owns half a dozen business’ in the Houston area. Call us what you want as you set in your cubicle telling your ” I would have joined but i can’t stand someone yelling at me” or my favorite ” I was gonna be a (insert special forces ninja operator name here) but i hurt my knee playing football” stories.

Hows about you say thank you, look up and memorize the meaning of the word respect, be grateful that others willingly stand in harm’s way for you, everyday. We only ask that for our friends like Glen, or Rob, or Joe, or the thousands of others you go out and give your best everyday because they gave their best for a lifetime.

pay close attention to around 3:30