A piece of my childhood has been burned.

View of Spanish Peaks

View of Spanish Peaks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I spent several summers in these mountains, it’s where I learned to hike, climb, camp and first aid. It’s where i met my first and only Queen’s Scout and my first cigarette.

Spanish Peaks Boy Scout camp in Walsenburg Colorado, helped forge me into the man I am today. A man with a love for high places, snow in July, and cold mountain streams.

I can’t say how sad I feel to see mother nature’s need to redecorate, I understand it and know the camp will rebuild, and am thankful for the memories.

To the miner and the Indian, I say thank you for letting me be a boy here and allowing me the opportunity as a staff member to teach boys here, for the bear hunts, mountain lion round ups, and lost campers, cows in my tent, tea on the porch, blisters on my feet and my Eagle Scout badge, thank you.