buddhaHow do we harness the desire to just ” do it ourselves” and let the painless evolution of learning take place?

I don’t know the answer, I know my children would like it if I could figure it out, I’m sure my wife’s voice wouldn’t sound like she has smoked filter less Pall Malls for 20 years, after a day of “bonding” . I try, I practice my breathing and try to lose myself in my breath where time is non-existent. Having done it once before, and not being a patient person, the continued pursuit of being one with myself and my surroundings has since eluded me. It’s as if I had it so right for so long and then lost it. Due to my life and my work I don’t always have my family with me. When this happens i can have a clean house and whatever I want to eat, and time to do yoga and meditate and not try to rush on to the next important thing I need to do, but those things aren’t really important, are they. How do I schedule my life to make room for what is truly important?

yinyang My kids are important, spending time looking at the sky with my Google Sky Map app and trying to guess why they named

that star that name, or why can’t we turn it down and look at the Earth? Those are the things that are important, how we manage them is the question. my answer is try, listen, stop what it is and force ourselves to become fully engaged in whom ever has chosen to bless us with their time at that moment.

Keep calm and breath on my friends, breath on.–j

Raising Children in Complex Times with Sylvia ...

Raising Children in Complex Times with Sylvia Boorstein (Photo credit: On Being)

“Life is so difficult, how can we be anything but kind”—Sylvia Boorstein