As much as things change, we still stay the same, except the wrinkles

So tonight I took Monkeyhead to a carnival here in town, and as all my fond memories of my hometown came flooded back I couldn’t wait for her to ride the gravitron, and the octopus, the skat cat and the bumper cars, roll a wooden ball at bowling pins and get some cotton candy the  twice the size of her head.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The thoughts of all the cool toys, mirrors, belts and toys with the occasional pair of oversized glasses. As we parked I saw the Ferris wheels and the squirrel cages, the giant swings and a midway; walking up the familiar sounds of my childhood blasted from speakers, and as we walked across the park, Jack Blades took me back to Sentimental Street and it felt like any  summer night in the 80’s.

Unfortunately as we got close the rides got smaller, the lights weren’t as bright as I remember them and the cool carnival prizes had been replaced, by inflatable swords, and a cooler full of perch you could win one at a time for 5 bucks.

For Monkeyhead it wasn’t that good of a time, all the big rides were too big and all the small rides were too small, she didn’t have any desire to bring home any inflatable toys, so we headed out.  The howlers and barkers from my youth are still the same as I remember, unshaven, dirty acid washed jeans, and really bad tattoos, although I swear as I left Jamie Pressley was standing on the back of the corn dog trailer talking about being my sister….

SO what does the Train video have to do with this? I’ll tell you, as my girls grow up and I reflect on my past mistakes I  hope to try to keep them from repeating the same ones. Tonight at the carnival made me think of the girls I knew I was going to marry back in the 80s,and how life couldn’t get better than cruising main street and going to the fair. It wasn’t until I left home for the Navy did I realize that Southern California wasn’t Kansas anymore Toto.

We all got bruises over the course of our journey, the trick is to live through them, be glad all we got was bruises, hell, revel in them but love your life, because it has been awesome this far.

And for my mentor,Legend, Monkeyhead and Bubba..

Carpe the F&^*k out of that Diem!!


The first Ferris wheel from the 1893 World Col...

The first Ferris wheel from the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)