“Way of the gun” had it right

Man if only some movies were real, and some people (Sarah Silverman) somehow didn’t have Ever access to a microphone–

Thank You! Mr. Noir, thank you.

My thoughts….may or may not begin around 1:40 until about 2:00.–j

Why we put ourselves out there

A baby Brazilian Tapir with spots and stripes ...

So this morning I was given a lesson on way we MUST take that risk!

having my coffee and packing preparation for flying back home to legend and monkey head my buddy posted the video you just watched.

I watched it and saw that there is a ton of truths, Hippos are cute but no one wants to stay in a swimsuit all day, and besides not everyone looks good in stripes. Now please bear with me, but as i was watching the video and thinking about the truth in the importance of taking risks, the prancercise lady came on tv, she just got picked up to be in a John Mayer video…prancing!

Now the interview with the lady was cute, I’m sure she’s nuttier than a squirrel on a nut farm, but she believes in what she is doing

and tells all of you would be prancercise-spoof video producers you’re doing it wrong.

she took that risk and the subsequent mockery of her sport, believed and now will be a late night rerun on VH1 for the next 10 years.

what has your risk done for you?

this makes me think maybe if I work harder I can teach a bit more to monkeyhead about how to translate our efforts and energies into a producing dream because it makes us happy, regardless of what others think.


hippo, telling tortoise a joke

Inside Wants Out

Inside Wants Out, to prancercise